Below are the current Bylaws adopted in October, 2013.





The Board may at their discretion authorize the organization to participate in, hold, or contract for conferences of the membership at a time and place to be determined by the Board. A general membership meeting may be held at each conference. The participation in the meeting by one-half of the members present will constitute a quorum.



Financial Policies


The financial records of the organization shall be kept in accordance with standard accounting practices. All monies derived from SUGAR activities shall be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit to the SUGAR accounts for appropriate disbursement. Due diligence will be exercised to safeguard the funds of the organization.


a)    With the exception of budgeted and/or recurring items, expenditures greater than

$100 shall be approved by the President; expenditures great than $500 shall be approved by the Executive Committee; and expenditures greater than $2,000 shall be approved by the Board.

b)    An annual review of the books shall be performed by two members of the Board, other than the Treasurer. A report of the review will be submitted to the Board. At the end of each term for the Treasurer, two members at large will be asked to review the books and submit a report to the Board.






Bylaws shall be reviewed annually for any possible revisions.


All proposed amendments to the Bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Board.


All proposed amendments will be posted to the website no later than two (2) months prior to voting.


A majority vote of the members voting is necessary to pass any Bylaw amendment.

No vote constitutes a yeah vote.



Dissolution of the Organization


In any instance in which the Board elects to dissolve the organization, such dissolution shall require a two-thirds vote of approval from the members in good standing for such decision to be effective.


Subsequent  to  such  decision,  the  organizations  funds  shall  be  dispersed  at  the discretion of the members in good standing or as dictated by state or federal law.



Parliamentary Authority


The current issue of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the source of authority in all questions of parliamentary procedure.





For the purpose of this document all reference to officers and committee chairpersons can be either singular or plural, thus allowing for one or more persons to share duties. A single individual may also chair more than one committee.

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