Sheila Colvin









I have sewed my whole life I think. Both my Grandmothers sewed as well as my Mom. I remember making doll clothes when I was young. In middle school I started to make my own clothes. I married in 1978 and have 2 sons – Nicholas and Benjamin. I made clothes for the two of them. When Benjamin was about six months old I was in a store that sold handmade items. There was a beautiful baby quilt it was $300 – I didn’t have $300 – but decided I was going to make that – I had no clue how to make a quilt but figured how hard can that be!  That was when I stepped  foot on the path of a quilter.  In 2005 our family moved from Ohio to Florida. I was planning on getting a part time job – my husband said why don’t you get one of those longarm machine and you can quilt quilts part-time. After much research I decided Gammill with a Statler was the machine I had to have. What started out has turned into a full-time adventure.  I’ve had the privilege of meeting the most wonderful people in the world – quilters and quilted so many beautiful quilts!